OpenMedia INFINITY is ANNOVA’s high-end solution, which includes the functionality of OpenMedia NOW and OpenMedia VISION, guaranteeing our users the most flexible workflows in line with their requirements. Meanwhile, our flagship Newsroom Computer System provides maximum speed and scalability for handling complex workflows in broadcast news production - from wire search, scripting, and rundown management through to playout control. OpenMedia is infinitely scalable with a modern Microsoft-based client server architecture, delivering robust and stable performance. While thousands of simultaneous users can be connected to a single server, we also support latest cluster- and virtual IT environments. Highly configurable, the system can be adapted to meet diverse workflows in parallel.

OpenMedia INFINITY is fully compliant with the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol, while the OpenMedia Interface Service (OMIS) framework facilitates the integration of 3rd party systems including video production systems, automation and studio devices.

For journalists on the run, maximum mobility and flexibility is ensured with our modules AnyPlace and AnyPlace Mobile.


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