Live events remarkably matters on Video to audience at any live event, and the ez-Pro VS4 is less cost, easy operation and flexible Production Switcher for a wide range of lives from weddings to educational seminars, corporate presentation to house of worship. With ez-Pro VS4, produce a full HD broadcast grade of any live event and Multiples Video inputs like 3G-SDI, HDMI that you can mix And match any resolution video input for impressive live event. To minimize your workload, the ez-Pro VS4 give hassle-free integration with HD CAMs, and insert your own LOGO, PIP, Chroma and LUMA into any full-HD video source. So easy, and What else?

● HDMI x2/ HD-SDI x2 or HDMI x 3 / HD-SDI x 1 Input
● PGM : HDMI x 1, HD-SDI x 1 
● Multiview : HDMI x 1
● AUDIO : RCA (L/R) x 1 Input, RCA (L/R) x 1 Output 
● Support DSK (Chroma/LUMA) function
● Support external Audio Input and embedded Audio volume control
● Support PIP (adjustable PIP position and size) 
● Support Logo insertion (2 images Max.)
● Various transition effects ( Wipe, Mix, Cut ), more transitional effects added
● Support Full HD Input/Output
● Support 3G-SDI both Level A, B Download
Video Input: SDI(BNC 75Ω) x2, HDMI x3
Analog Audio Input: Stereo RCA(Left/Right)

Video Output(PGM) HDMI x1, SDI(BNC 75Ω)x1
Multiview Output: HDMI x1
Analog Audio Output: Stereo RCA(Left/Right)
- PIP x 1
- LOGO x 2
- Chroma/LUMA x 1

Internal Processing: 4:2:2 10bit/8bit

Resolution supported
- SD/HD/Full HD

- HD/Full HD

USB2.0 @ GUI application, Firmware Upgrade, LOGO Update

Dimension: 70(H) X 297(W) X 230(D)(excluding connectors)
Power Input: DC 12V
Operation Temperature: 0~40℃
Power Consumption: 12W(max)
Weight: 1.7Kg

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